Have you already heard about Subway Surfers Cheats?

Chances are very few that someone might not have heard about the game Subway Surfers. With some cheats for Subway Surfers ios in hand, you can really virtually conquer the world of amazement. To play this game, swipe left or right to move in the desired direction. Alternatively, swipe down for crouching or swipe up for jumping. Crouching is efficient when an obstacle is for example barricade. Jumping is the movement which allows you to overcome any obstacle, whether it’s a barricade, train or moving train. Also, you can dodge moving trains with swiping left or right and it’s actually easier. Check out these Cheats to make the gameplay and progressing even easier.

Subway Surfers is a very popular game and since its release in 2012, it received many positive reviews. It has almost 5 stars on Google Play and is also available on iOS and Windows devices. Also, for this game there are various mods and updates available, so this game evolved into much better game since its release date. There are about 30 World Tour editions like Tokyo, Paris, Miami, New York, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Bejing, Mumbai and many more. On top of that there are Halloween and Christmas edition which came out shortly after the game’s release. In this game you want to outrun the policeman and his dog. At the very beginning of the game, your character named Jake is caught in the act of applying spray on the train, and because it’s illegal the policeman with his vicious dog starts chasing you. And there all the fun begins as you run as much as you can which makes this game endless runner. Well…it’s not endless, because it ends when you hit an obstacle, but that’s the game’s genre. Check one of our Subway Surfers Cheats to see how to easy overcome obstacles. Our advice is to combine many of the power ups that are given to you for using. Some of them are Jet Pack, Hoverboard, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, Coin Multiplier and so on. If you want to overcome obstacles efficiently, try using a lot of Jet Pack as it will kick you right to the sky- above the trainyard. Alongside that, using Jet Pack allows you to pick up coins when you are above the trainyard so you’re pretty safe up there, picking those coins. Super Sneakers on the other side help you to jump further and are very good for dodging tight gaps between trains or barricades. This awesome tool will surely help you manage your power ups like a pro! Our opinion that the best power up combo is Coin Magnet and Coin Multiplier. Coin Magnet lets you pick up coins wherever you are, and Coin Multiplier will multiply every coin you pick by some value. This can be 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x… that escalated quickly! That’s where coins come into play, because without coins there’s no upgrading power ups, and without power ups there’s much less chance of being good at this game. Also, Jake is not the only playable character in this game and you can unlock many of them. There are many characters to be played with- over 20 and more. This can be done easily by reversing the date on your device back to particular day, month and year. Alternatively, you can buy them with the real money or the coins you picked up playing or either get them in the daily rewards and weekly challenges. We strongly suggest that you do not evade those mini games, because weekly challenges can get you very valuable rewards upon completing it and daily rewards are also very useful.



Earn coins by making the hundred percent effort to pick them up. Risk a little bit, try to pick every coin you can. We are saying that  because there’s a chance that collision with the obstacle won’t necessarily mean death. In some cases, your character just trips over the barricade or the side of the train and continue to run. The cost of this luck is that now policeman and his not so friendly dog are on your back. Very close. We hope that these Cheats, tips and tricks helped you in better understanding the game. Happy playing.

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Fruit Ninja – Why Should you play this game?

Fruit Ninja is a simple game where you need to cut all watermelons, apples, bananas, oranges, etc. that appear on the screen; but as we progress in the game, a certain amount of bombs come in play that have to be avoided if we do not want the game to end. The controls are very simple to use because you only need to slide your fingers across the screen and cut all the fruit you get. It is suitable for any user, because it is fun and simple to use. A simple but very addictive game, especially when the desire is to progress to unlock extras like best swords, funds and new items that help achieve the goal. Fruit Ninja is a fun game for all ages where the players have to use fingertip like a knife to cut all the fruit flies in the screen. It is a successful video game developed by Halfbrick, which eventually has been updated with innovative game mechanics and characters like Katsuro and Mari, who will guide you during the development of the action.

Another important element to take into account is the combos. If we manage to string together several multiple cuts where we cut three or more fruits at the same time, you can trigger a special mode that enables you to get points faster. Doing this will not be much easy, but the rewards are usually very juicy, so it’s sure worth a try. Fruit Ninja also allow you to share your scores with all contacts of social networks in which you have profile and compare them with other players. Fruit Ninja include various levels and various types of games, so you do not get bored on the second day; you can play in free mode or normal mode. In addition to the original Classic, Arcade and Zen, the Festival and a local multiplayer mode where you can test your skill by cutting fruits against any opponent on the same screen of your phone, tablet or game console mode is included. In order to be successful in the game we recommend you to not use long swipes when bombs are around, Use Peachy Times to boost your score in arcade and zen mode and don’t use more than one finger.

Fruit Ninja offers a pretty catchy soundtrack and design scenarios has been very well maintained and worked, offering bright, high-quality designs. For all described can say that Fruit Ninja is a great game that will not disappoint. Do not lose the opportunity or hesitate and download Fruit Ninja on your Android, Apple device or Xbox 360 (thanks to the kinect technology) to start playing and have fun with your family and friends.

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